Friday, February 5, 2010

Browser Fingerprinting

Well, this is something I've been very interested in for quite some time. I've mentioned it a before in a previous blog post (here). Reading that old post makes me laugh - I've gained so much more security experience since I've written that.

Anyways, Bruce Schneier recently pointed out (here) Panopticlick, a website that tries to determine how unique your browser configuration is. Go to to check it out. It will run some javascript to determine which plugins you have, your OS, what fonts you have installed, etc. Then it will tell you how unique your data is out of the data it has collected so far. As of the time of this writing, my browser configuration is absolutely unique out of the 577,993 different browsers tested.

As I talked about in my previous post, I think this could definitely lead to more advanced and targeted exploitation of browsers. If an attacker wished to attack developers, or sysadmins, or n00bs, or some other class of person, they could probably do it using browser fingerprints.

Pretty interesting to think about.