Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To Infinity, and Beyond!

Finally! I've got one more project to finish for my graphics class and then I'll be officially done as an undergraduate at BYU! Now I should have a lot more time to finish writing up all of those blogposts that I stubbed out and never finished (really, there are quite a lot of them). You can expect this blog to be a lot more active now.

I've also been applying around for security-related jobs in fields such as web-application security, network security, malware analysis, CNA/CNE (computer network attack, computer network exploitation), penetration testing, security research, etc. If you happen to know of an opening somewhere, or know of someone else who might know, shoot me an email.


  1. Congratulations on graduating!


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  3. I'm using AVG security for a number of years now, I would recommend this product to you all.